Friday, May 11, 2012

"Graduation Cap" Card Tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone!

It sure has been a very busy week. Visited the Emergency Room twice this week. On Wednesday, I got a call from Isaiah's school that he had fallen down and could not move his arm. Rushed to his school then to the ER to find out that his arm was broken. His arm is in a temporary cast and sling for stabilization until we can see the Orthopedic Doctor. He has been a real trooper. Not complaining or grumbling. However, last night the pain was unbearable. We had to go back to the ER and thankfully, they were able to give him medication to relieve some of the pain and discomfort. Today, he is doing much better and he has a consultation with the Orthopedic Doctor on Monday.

Instructions for the above "Graduation Cap" Card:

1.  Cut Card Stock 9 ¾” x 4 ¼”.

2.  Score at 5 ½” and label each side of the score line Side “A” and Side “B”. To the left of the score line is "A" and right is "B".

3.  Place Side “B” to the left edge of the Score Board. Using the Diagonal Plate, Score at 2 1/8”.

4.  Turn the card stock over (keeping side “B” to the left of the score board)-Score again at 2 1/8”.

5.  Turn the card stock into a vertical position with side “B” aligned with the top edge. Using the diagonal plate, score at 2 1/8”. Turn it over and again score at 2 1/8”.

6. Using the trimmer, trim the top left & right 2 1/8” score lines.

7.  Using the bone folder, crease at the 5 ½” score line.

8.  Crease at the left 2 1/8” score line.

9.  Crease the other 2 1/8” score line.

10.  Fold In at creases to create the “Graduation Cap” card.

11.  Fold down and crease.

12.  Take another piece of card stock and cut at 5 ¼” x 4”.

13.  Using the diagonal plate, place the 4” side against the top of the score board. Score at 2”. Turn the card stock over and score again at 2”.

14.  Trim on both score lines.

15.  Using SNAIL Adhesive, adhere to the base of the “Graduation Cap” card.

16.  Cut 6” of Grosgrain Ribbon.


17.  Fold the ribbon in half to form a loop. Create a “top knot”  and tie.

18. Slide the knot as far up the loop as you possibly can.

19.  Snip the edge of one side of the knotted ribbon tail. Repeat this step for the other ribbon tail.

20.  Start sliding the ribbon to create the  “fringe” look. Repeat this step on the other ribbon tail.

21.  Unfold the Graduation Card. Locate “B” of the card.  Pierce the middle of side “B” using the Piercing Tool Kit.

22.  Secure the “Tassel” with a brad.

23.  Cut a piece of Card Stock 2 ¾” x 2 ¾”.

24.  Using SNAIL Adhesive, adhere to the top inside of the card.

25.  Use your favorite “graduation” stamp set to decorate your card.

26.  There you have it!

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Happy Card Making!

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